Best Toys for a 3 Year Old Girl Gift List

Most Popular Toys for a 3 Year Old Girl
For Christmas or Birthdays

Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Find the most popular toys for 3 year old girls this Christmas (or Birthday or Easter!) Times have changed since my children were little but I have a little granddaughter now, and nephews and nieces so I'm always shopping for the best toys for all ages. What I do is watch other children at toy stores for their reactions. And I listen to what my little granddaughter tells me and responds to on TV and in the stores. Based on my research, I am sure that your little girl will love these toys.

These are the best selling, and most popular toys for 3 Year Old Girls for Christmas! (and Birthdays and Easter too) And yes, I give toys for Easter instead of candy... so much better than all that sugar for them and me too, since I don't have to deal with a kid hyped up on sugar later! Enjoy!

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Image: Furby, from Amazon, available below.

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The best gift you can give is a hug: one size fits all and no one ever minds 
if you return it.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (Pink)

A wonderful tool for a little three year old who is already into electronics. My granddaughter loves hers! A perfect first tablet! It has games built in and an eReader too! This way she leaves her mom's phone alone! 

Cute Dress for a 3 Year Old Girl
Popular Gift for a 3 Year Old Girl

Melissa and Doug Ballerina Doll

They had these when I was a little girl so you can see they are classic dolls. The ballerina dream lives in all little girls I think. It's that Nutcracker play on the tube every Christmas that does it! 

More Popular Dolls for a 3 Year Old Girl
Best Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

Little girls still love dolls and these are the most popular ones for little ones. Three year olds need dolls that can take abuse and these can.

Cute Dress For a 3 Year Old
Popular Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls

Pillow Pets and Pillow Pet Dream Lites
Favorite Gifts of 3 Year Old Girls

These Pillow Pet toys are adorable for 3 year old girls. My granddaughter loves hers! I got her the ladybug. But the ones that light up and put stars all over the ceiling are fabulous! Built in night light to make it easier for her to go to sleep unworried about monsters! Click any of them to see many more Pillow Pets! 

Very Popular Toy for a 3 Year Old Girl

Furby is a cute little interactive robotic toy that your 3 Year Old Girl will love. Robotic but soft, like a pet. Perfect for a little playmate when you can't play. There are lots of Furbys so just click to see many more of them! They learn how your child talks and answer accordingly.  Precious! 

There's no bunny like you.

Artist Toys for a 3 Year Old Girl Who Loves Art
Popular 3 Year Old Girl Toys

Art supplies and toys are perfect for 3 year old girls! They can spend hours creating and imagining and this will give you some needed time to recharge. I highly recommend art toys for 3 year old girls! 

Today is all about cakes, sweets, toys and fancy decorations.
Do you know why? Because it is the Birthday of the cute little
superstar that you are.

Ride On Toys for 3 Year Old Girls
Best Girl Ride On Toys

At 3, little girls are starting to want wheels of their own so they can ride around and explore the world. Here are a few ride on toys for the little princess. 

Popular Shirt For 3 Year Old Girls

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Don't clean it up too quickly.
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