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American Girl Dolls

If you want to buy an American Girl Doll, you probably already know that they are not exactly budget priced dolls. Classic and adorable yes, future collectible, yes, but cheap they are not. 

So you might be looking for an American Girl Doll sale, and if so, the best place is going to be Amazon. Amazon always gives you the lowest price available that day when you search for products. You can find some really cute doll clothes that fit American Girl Dolls too!

Check their store here: American Girl Dolls Store

Enjoy your American Girl Doll! She's a future collectible!

Image: Samantha, American Girl Doll, courtesy of Amazon, available below

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American Girl Dolls on Amazon

Cute Doll Poster
Child with Classic Dolls

Antique Doll Poster
Doll Laundry Poster

Girl with Doll Postcard
Antique Doll Art

Vintage Girl and Doll
Art Doll Poster

Videos of American Girl Dolls
Retired American Girl Dolls

Watch many retired American Girl Dolls including the coveted, Kaya American Girl Doll, Kailey American Girl Doll, and Marisol American Girl Doll.

  • I'm really sorry about lack of videos, I'm actually working on a current project for a huge organiza
  • Thanks for watching!<br />
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These are my tips, tricks and advice
  • Meet my American Girl Dolls. A short video I made for fun one Saturday. Please comment, this is my f
  • Kit's birthday. Ameican girl dolls go to Kit's house to celebrate Kit's Birthday. There is Samantha,
  • Hope you like it :D since youve been dying to know :P its really simple :D
  • This is a stop motion film. It used around 615 picutes. 5 American Girl dolls compete in a fashion s
  • In this video I show you my doll kitchen and it's cool mini food which I made.
  • hey everyone, This is one of my inventions that is a different way to fix you dolls limbs apposed to
  • This is my first music video ever! I hope you all enjoy it cuz it took me 2 days to make! :) The son
  • I recently re-arranged my real room to make space for my American Girls room!! And here it is!! Thro
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American Girl Doll Sale
American Girl Gift Card

Not sure which American Girl Doll to get? How about an American Girl Gift Card? Let her pick out her favorite American Girl Doll by herself! There’s always an American Dolls Sale at Amazon, as they always show you the lowest price, and if an item is over $25, you can usually get free shipping!

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