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Outside playhouses for kids are so cool! They can have their own place to play and dream and you can have peace inside while you rest and dream. Win-win! 

Playhouses now are a lot cooler than I remember them when I was a kid. And they're even nicer than the ones I had for my own children!

We had a wood playhouse that my grandfather built but now they come in plastic which sounds fragile but it really in't at all; it's strong and durable. Since wood is quite expensive compared to plastic, you might want to consider it if you have a mild climate.  

They are just so quaint and cute to have in a back yard. Little girls love to pretend they actually live in their play house. But long after the kids have grown up they still provide such charm and can be used as storage too. In fact, friends of mine use theirs for a guesthouse! 

They also really add to the value of a house. But the most important one for me is the memories I have of building one with my husband for my kids.  Our kids used theirs for sleepovers too, so more memories.

But I cannot build one now, and need to buy one, so I decided to show you all the best ones I found to suit every budget and style. Enjoy!

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Image: Gingerbread Playhouse from Amazon, available below.

Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse
10 x 16 Grand Portico Mansion Panelized Kit
An Amazon Favorite Outdoor Playhouse

 Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse

This is the ultimate backyard outside playhouse! Any little girl would be thrilled with this outside playhouse. 

It's a panelized kit, meaning the walls come assembled and you just snap them together. Easy assembly. (some people brag you can do this in an hour.) Made in the U.S.A. by the Amish, and shipping is free! 

Often on sale for 20% less than the regular price. Click on it to see the current price. Just the fact that it's made by the Amish should tell you that this is a quality playhouse that will last forever. 

They make amazing stuff! I went to Pennsylvania and visited Amish country while I was there and was blown away by their building methods that often don't use nails. 

This playhouse is  guaranteed so that tells you something.

Victorian Playhouse with Front Porch and Railing
Popular Outside Playhouse

 Little Cottage Company Victorian DIY Playhouse Kit, 6' x 8'
I love every one of these little Victorian houses don't you? In fact I think I want one for a getaway meditation art studio or as a guest house.  

If you have a Cape Cod or an old colonial or a Queen Anne or a Victorian home yourself, these playhouses will blend with your home's style.  

Or if you just love Victorian, here's your chance to own a little Victoriana without paying a fortune for a whole Victorian house.

Victorian Playhouse with Front Porch and Railing
What a beautiful Kids Outside Playhouse! 

 Victorian 8' x 10' Wood Playhouse Kit With Floor
This is a kit and you put it together and then paint it in your favorite colors or to go with your main home. It's my favorite playhouse on this page.  

It's a wood one and uses all pressure treated wood to last a long time and resist termites and dry rot. So you don't really have to paint it, but it looks darling painted.  

Victorian Backyard Playhouses

The two Victorian houses here show the different styles you can have just by changing the color of the paint. (They are also different sizes.) Of course most people will paint their playhouse the same as their house. But it's good to see what you can do. 

The kits come with panels of walls so it's very easy to put them together using basic tools.They snap together and are also screwed and bolted together to be strong.  

Cape Cod Playhouse 6 x 8 With Floor Kit
8 x 12 Cape Cod Playhouse Kit

Wood Playhouses for Kids

Wood is probably your choice for a playhouse if you are in a cold climate because it can endure the weather without cracking like plastic is likely to do. Just be sure to treat it with wood preservative or paint it so it will be able to last through the cold winters.

All of these basic wood outside playhouses will provide hours and hours of fun for your children and the neighborhood kids too. They will all want to hang out in your cool playhouse!  

A great reason to have a playhouse by the way. If they're home they won't be able to get into as much trouble. 

A Best Selling Outside Playhouse
7x9 Cozy Cabin Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

 Cozy Cabin Cedar Playhouse
Dreaming of a mountain cabin in your own backyard? This playhouse is rugged and will last a lifetime. Easy assembly. Big enough to use as a backyard retreat when they're older too. 

I  have friends who use one like this as a guest house and no one minds staying in it. It is so private and cozy! I This is one of the best selling ones on this page! 

Luxury Wood Backyard Playhouses

These are luxurious outside playhouses for die hard fans of play houses. Real wood and with elaborate plans, they are little architectural gems. Everything is made from wood including the shingles. But each one is a kit and comes with complete easy instructions for assembly. 

Mothers on Amazon report being able to get these wooden playhouses together with little help. The one on the right is so nice it could easily be a guest house don't you agree? It would be a great pool house too or storage room.  

Little Squirt Playhouse with Sandbox Set
A Buyers Favorite Outdoor Playhouse

 Little Squirt Playhouse with Sandbox
A Very Popular Kids Outside Playhouse! I love that the sandbox is underneath for sun protection and the house is upstairs with a slide to come down easily. This one that reminds me of the one I had for my children.

Just a very cool outdoor playhouse for the backyard. Easy assembly. 

Plastic Outside Playhouses

These playhouses are made out of hard and durable plastic which lowers the cost and ups the fantasy factor in many cases. If you live in a really cold climate they may not be your best choice, but for all other climates they work beautifully. 

No dry rot, termites or paint needed. There are many great reviews on all these plastic backyard playhouses.  Click on either house to see many more plastic playhouses.

Outside Playhouse Videos

Check out some pictures of cool playhouses to get ideas on what you would like to do. This page is about ready made playhouses, but there are plans you can get to make them from pieces of wood too.Enjoy a tour of different styles of playhouses. There are even free plans and blueprints offered for you.

Gallery of Playhouses
2 Kit Houses in Kansas

Below are public domain photos of different kit houses just to show you an idea of what can be done. Many of the old houses were from kits. As an aside, did you know that in the late 1800's Sears and Roebuck sold house kits. My grandmother and her best friend Minnie lived next door to each other and the houses both still had a picture of the original catalog ad from a Sears catalog. The whole kit cost less than $2000. They are strictly built to code and have lasted over 120 years.  

Victorian kit house
Victorian kit house

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